summer 2023

We promise that our restaurant does in fact have a name and a logo, but we’re not quite ready to reveal all of the details yet. We’ll be doing a big reveal on social media very soon so be sure to follow us! (@farmsworkwonders)

The 155 Main St. building currently houses our production kitchen for items sold in the Market and our already-famous Bakery that’s been serving you sweet and savory treats for the last six years.

You can expect an American restaurant with American food. We’ll be sourcing from our own organic farm as well as others from other nearby farmers + producers. You will see influences from our team’s collective Italian + Greek cooking background as well as techniques, ingredients and inspiration from Appalachia– along with anything else that inspires us.

Construction is currently underway again, with the anticipated public opening date being summer of 2023. 

Culinary Director:

Seth Wells

Born in North Carolina and raised in a similarly rural area, Seth was drawn to Wardensville through mutual friends and a love for the area. Prior to attending Johnson & Wales University in Charlotte, NC, Seth cooked in a small pizza shop unaware that his future in the hospitality industry would be for the long haul. After cooking in various kitchens around the country, Wells landed in Washington DC, where he’s spent 12 years learning from others and finding his own philosophy on food and hospitality.

Wells’ pedigree in the DC restaurant world is well known. Prior to his roles at Michelin-starred Rose’s Luxury (as head chef before rising to Culinary Director of Rose’s Restaurant Group), Seth also put in time at Iron Gate Inn restaurant and minibar by José Andres. Wells has a history of being a community-minded chef, participating in various charitable endeavors, including Chefs Cycle for No Kid Hungry, Chefs for Equality, and a number of dinners supporting local farmers & producers.

“Working directly with our own farm, as well as neighboring farms and producers, is a dream come true and is a complement to my own style of ingredient-driven food,” said Wells. “As I have progressed as a chef, my focus has shifted to doing something greater than solely running a kitchen or cooking food. I’ve wanted to create a positive impact on the industry and the lives of young people exploring their beginnings in the culinary world.”

general manager:

caitlyn reed

Caitlyn Reed was born in Lexington, Virginia and grew up in the smaller communities of Natural Bridge and Glasgow, VA. Her childhood memories include foraging for morels with her dad, swimming in the James River every chance she had, and hiking in the Blue Ridge Mountains.

After high school, Caitlyn moved to Charlottesville, Virginia and stayed for 7 years, working in various restaurants, hosting, serving, and ultimately bartending. “I didn’t anticipate staying in restaurants but found myself drawn to the industry. Restaurants offer community- a place to meet people from all walks of life as well as an opportunity for constant learning and improvement.” After Charlottesville, Caitlyn relocated to Washington DC and found herself at Ellē- a bakery and restaurant- where she began bartending then became general manager halfway through her tenure there.

After 5 years in DC, Caitlyn was missing the mountains and longed for a sense of place, prompting her move to Wardensville. Here to start a new chapter, Caitlyn intends to connect with local history and traditions. “I’ve always been interested in the intersection of food and culture, and I want to advocate for and celebrate Appalachian food culture while hopefully impacting the community inside + outside of the new restaurant.”

executive chef:

vincent falcone

Virginia born and raised, Vincent has always had a connection to the region. From a young age, his joy of cooking was nurtured by his grandma, Wanda. Biscuits getting rolled out on a Sunday morning are a fond memory. With that ingrained, he fell into restaurants at a young age washing dishes. Vincent spent a few years working in and around Central Virginia, settling in Charlottesville, where he found a deeper connection to the farmers who grew the food around him.

Vincent then moved to Washington, D.C. where he began working at Rose’s Luxury as a line cook and worked up to a Sous Chef before moving on to Elle & Tigerella. He was drawn to Wardensville by the opportunity to work with his friend and mentor, our very own Seth Wells and enjoy the connection to Lewis Farm and other local producers.

“The chance to engage with the Junior Crew and make an impact on those who chose to work in this community is something I’m very invested in. To me food has always been more than just dinner, it’s a connection that we share.”