Meet Erica, one of our Junior Crew members here at the farm and a graduating senior of East Hardy High School. Erica is a real go-getter, full of charisma, and intent on succeeding in everything she does.
Erica is passionate about a wide variety of hobbies, but music is very special to her. She plays the ukelele, piano, and has a beautiful voice! Erica shares, “Working here has been a unique experience and has helped me a lot with my individuality as a person. My favorite project so far would have to be STREAM Camp. I love sitting down and working with the kids!”
Kelson, Special Projects Lead, shared, “She’s an active, outgoing presence at work with a great sense of humor. Her caring nature and personality make work seem fun and effortless. When learning a new skill or task, Erica naturally transitions from a learner to a teacher. She can take in information and then relay it to her team members with ease.”
“During our public art projects, she put in significant time developing her work. She is always enthusiastic about art and supportive of her crew members. When Erica works on a project, she pours herself into it. An example of her deep involvement in her work was a project requiring the Junior Crew to create several Christmas tree decorations. She worked through the majority of her November break to paint Christmas decorations. Her hard work and commitment are very inspiring.”
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Student Service Lead, Jane, voiced similar admiration, “Any time I’ve seen Erica given a task that she may be unsure of (from juggling the poi to voice acting the “babushka” for the book Thunder Cake), she commits and falls in love with it and excels. Even though she struggled with poi, Erica didn’t get discouraged; she just switched to spinning plates on a stick.”
The central part of our mission here at the Wardensville Garden Market is to create a safe and diverse learning environment that provides more than just employment opportunities to local high school students. Through each living classroom, whether it be the Lab Garden or STREAM Camp, the chance to make it their own is there, and that is when their individuality blossoms!

From the start of the farm, our mission has continued to grow over the past five years because of the overflowing and distinct talents the youth have brought to this place, and the support all of our patrons have shown. Help us continue reaching out towards new goals and opportunities for our Junior Crew employment program by donating today:

Natalie Mayfield

Natalie Mayfield

Marketing Lead

My name is Natalie, I’m one of the original 10 Junior Crew! I currently am completely my M.S in Integrated Marketing Communications at WVU while working for our Marketing Department here at Farms Work Wonders. It has been a full circle of growth for me and I couldn’t recommend this opportunity to local youth, enough!