Just as each unique ingredient adds to the flavor of our from-scratch baked goods or how every step in the process of growing organic produce is essential, each Junior Crew member brings individual talents to improve this organization. Today, we want to introduce you to Trevor!

Trevor is known for his busy-as-a-bee work energy. He also enjoys the hands-on labor to help build the Lab Garden and loves to lend a hand at events we have hosted, such as the Farm 5K (you may have seen him in costume as the Carrot)! He currently spends most of his time with the Facilities department, where he helps care for and maintain the grounds.
His mentor George, our Facilities Director, says: “Working with Trever is go go go! He likes to be immersed in his task and does not want downtime. Trevor would rather be working than sitting around. He seems to enjoy new tasks that make him think and always welcomes a helping hand. Although he is always on the go, Trevor is a good listener. He is brilliant and always willing to learn more which, I think is great, and we are lucky to have him!”
Farms Work Wonders Production Kitchen Coming Soon

Trevor shared, “I really love my job. It has helped me financially, and it is a nice escape. I loved learning the planting process, and I especially like all the new skills I have gotten to learn during my time with Facilities.”

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Natalie Mayfield

Natalie Mayfield

Marketing Lead

My name is Natalie, I’m one of the original 10 Junior Crew! I currently am completely my M.S in Integrated Marketing Communications at WVU while working for our Marketing Department here at Farms Work Wonders. It has been a full circle of growth for me and I couldn’t recommend this opportunity to local youth, enough!


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