Skyler joined the Junior Crew program at the start of his senior year to prepare financially for college. He quickly impacted the programs he worked for, such as the Lab Garden, Community Cares, and the Farm 5k. A couple of Skyler’s managers also had nothing but positive things to say about their time spent with him over the past two years.

 Student Services Manager Jane shares, “I had the privilege of watching him plan his post-high school career. During Skyler’s time in the Lab Garden, I noticed he became more confident in joining the group and in decision-making. Knowing he could take advantage of the Wardensville Garden Market Scholarship gave Skyler more certainty about paying for college. It was wonderful to watch Skyler mature and come to a place of self-confidence over anxiousness.”

Farm Production Manager Alex, another leader of Skyler from the Lab Garden project, added, “Not only is Skyler a generally pleasant person to be around, but he has a great work ethic, moral compass, and sense of humor. The amount of growth he’s had in the last year is profound and downright exciting. I think of him as a great example of what a love of the world can look like.”

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This love of life rang true when Skyler wrote in with his update, “Despite the tragedy we faced at my college on February 1st, I am very fortunate to attend Bridgewater College. I am a Psychology major with a Neuroscience minor. After graduating with my B.S in Psychology, I plan to attend the Master’s program here at Bridgewater. Then I plan to attend James Madison University to work toward my PsyD.

The Wardensville Garden Market was, and still is, very supportive of my dreams and influenced my choice of study when they saw that I was very passionate about helping others. The Garden Market also showed me that I can also have interests and hobbies that are not always related to my career path. I found a love for nature and farming while working in the Lab Garden with other Junior crew and Farmer Alex.

During that time, I worked alongside Josh Hahn. After the tragedy of losing such a young classmate and coworker and the recent loss at my campus, I have developed a whole new look at life. Today I find myself using the love for nature I developed and photography as a hobby.

Thanks to the donors, I can attend the college I never thought I’d be able to get into due to finances. I get to have a one-on-one connection with my professors and, overall, get to work towards my dream. Thanks to the Wardensville Garden Market, I found my passions and interest that I never thought I had.”

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Natalie Mayfield

Natalie Mayfield

Marketing Lead

Hi there! I am Natalie, and I was one of the original Junior Crew hires back in 2016! Since then, I have graduated from WVU with my B.S in Political Science and PR. I am currently working in our Marketing Department as I work towards my M.S in Integrated Marketing Communications. I couldn’t be happier to share about the current youth we have working here and help YOU see the difference you’ve made in our lives!


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