Natalie joined the Junior Crew when she was a Junior at East Hardy High School. At that time, she wasn’t sure what she wanted, but she concluded through her rotations that she wasn’t a farmer and didn’t enjoy retail. She did not have any prior kitchen experience when she reached the bakery, let alone baking for production. 

Head Baker Jackie shares, “She knew how to wash dishes – but everything else was new to her. We started with the basics, teaching her how to use a can opener, and that is all it took to ignite her curiosity about how things work. She learned how to read the recipes, but importantly, how to execute them. It took some practice, but that was part of the challenge. Natalie turned out to be my right-hand gal, always there and ready to help. After she graduated and went off to college, I always looked forward to her returning during summer and holiday breaks. She would be a little rusty when she returned, but she would get back into the swing of things and be a solid bakery team member with her drive and determination. Nothing can hold her back. She never let a mistake get the best of her; it just made her stronger. She’s a gracious young person and now pursuing her future with the knowledge of baking to sweeten life.”
Natalie wanted to share, “I’m currently working on my Bachelor’s in Social Work, with three minors in Psychology, Addiction Studies, and Sociology. I have maintained above a 3.0 in my studies. I currently have a position in my sorority and will begin an internship in my field of interest next spring semester. Upon graduation, I hope to get into West Virginia University’s Social Work Master’s program, completing my Master’s in 18 months.
Farms Work Wonders Production Kitchen Coming Soon
Wardensville Garden Market was my first place of employment, and they contributed a huge aspect to my growth as a person, both intellectually and personally. I often utilize the same team strategies taught there within my sorority, as I am on the Chapter Leadership team, and I work in a group setting almost daily. I will be forever grateful for this organization, my mentors there, and the continued support in helping me achieve my dreams. Thank you.”
We could not be more proud of our alumni, and we can not wait to see what Natalie achieves in the years to come. We strive to make our employment opportunities more than a job, but a support network that can be a career or a stepping stone on the path to their dreams!

If you’d like to support our current Junior Crew, check out our SUPPORT page for all the ways you can help continue our mission! 

Natalie Mayfield

Natalie Mayfield

Marketing Lead

Hi there! I am Natalie, and I was one of the original Junior Crew hires back in 2016! Since then, I have graduated from WVU with my B.S in Political Science and PR. I am currently working in our Marketing Department as I work towards my M.S in Integrated Marketing Communications. I couldn’t be happier to share about the current youth we have working here and help YOU see the difference you’ve made in our lives!