We are happy that 2021 is finally here, for many reasons, but the main one is introducing our 21 NEW vendors + products hitting our shelves! Read all about them below, and come try something new. 

1. Vesper Bros 

The Vesper twins have developed a recipe for marinara that is as close to their family’s original as they are to each other. Their journey began while working in their father’s deli in South Philly, which helped plant the seeds of the food values they hold in their own business. The Vesper Bros have developed recipes that stray away from preservatives, sugars, and sweeteners and offer the same flavor that they grew up with, condensed into a shelf-stable jar. We currently offer their staple marinara sauce, vegetarian chili, and house-made spaghetti noodles.

2. Wild Roots Apothecary

Wild Roots Apothecary is an herbal tea and artisan producer located in Sperryville, Virginia. The women-owned business promotes herbal health and wellness through its handcrafted teas, which use locally sourced ingredients whenever possible. A portion of all sales is donated to support women-owned and BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and people of color) herbalists and organizations. We offer a small selection of their products including some winter favorites like Peppermint Belly Wellness Tea and Fireside Snuggles Chai Tea.

Wild Roots Apothecary

3. Farmstead Ferments 

It’s always nice to find another farm that shares the same values we have about regenerative and organic farming. Farmstead Ferments offers a large variety of seasonal fermented favorites. They grow as much as they can on their own farm, Free Bird Farm in Esmont, Virginia, although their store is located in Scottsville, Virginia. Anything they can’t grow themselves they source locally to support community-based agriculture.  We offer several krauts, kimchi, garlic pickles, and pickled carrots.

Farmstead Ferments

4. Shepherds Whey Creamery

Located in the eastern panhandle of West Virginia in Martinsburg, Shepherds Whey Creamery has become a favorite new vendor of mine.  The family-owned cheese producers make excellent, WVDA (West Virginia Department of Agriculture) certified grade goat milk products.  With shared values in sustainable farming and supporting local markets, we have created an excellent vendor relationship with them. We offer some of their big sellers such as Feta, Chevre, Blue, and Gouda cheese.  We also carry a unique strawberry goat milk smoothie that they bottle themselves.

Shepherds Whey Creamery

5. Landcrafted Food

Landcrafted Food, located in Independence, Virginia, is a cattle ranch that takes pride in its history and the history of Grayson County, Virginia.  The farmland has been in the family for eight generations. The well established, family-owned farm is not only community-oriented but also provides wonderful grass-fed beef. We carry a more snack-type item from their catalog, offering four kinds of beef jerky sticks. Perfect for a road trip!

Landcrafted Foods

6. Hannah’s Handcrafted

Hannah’s Handcrafted emulates mom and pop operation, from it’s spousal owners to its small catalog of home remedies. Using local herbs, the couple has secured a certification through Virginia’s Finest. Hannah’s Handcrafted is located in Richmond, Virginia. We currently carry two sizes of their staple, Hannah’s Elderberry Syrup, an herbal remedy concoction designed to help boost immune systems and promote healthy living.

Hannah's Handcrafted

7. Eat This Yum

Eat This Yum is a family-owned and operated company out of Erwinna, Pennsylvania. We are always happy to collaborate with companies that support and share our values. This company believes in sustainable farming and uses all-natural, local ingredients to make a variety of jams and preserves. We currently offer three flavors of jams, a balsamic caramelized onion, a bourbon tipsy peach, and a flamin’ raspberry. And, 5% of all sales are donated to local volunteer firefighters in Erwinna.

Eat This Yum

8. J.Q. Dickinson Salt-Works

Another producer that has generations of experience and is a staple in West Virginia, is J.Q. Dickinson Salt-Works, a salt producer from Malden, West Virginia. The family has been in business for generations, sourcing their salt from “an ancient ocean trapped below the Appalachian mountains” and locally sources other ingredients used in their products.  They practice and encourage sustainable living in the Kanawha Valley.  We offer a wide variety of their products, including salt and pepper grinders, ramp salt, the sampler salt box, and popcorn salt.

8. J.Q. Dickinson Salt-Works

9. Thorny Bottom Sugar Works

Thorny Bottom Sugar Works are local producers of maple syrup. Located a mere 6.5 miles from our farmhouse, the producers use family traditions of sustainable tapping and woodfire evaporation processes to ensure that these trees will produce for another 100 years. The generational experience really shows in the complex flavor profile this maple syrup offers.

Thorny Bottom Boys Syrup

10. Gunther’s Gourmet

Gunther’s Gourmet was started by two brothers, one who worked on the culinary side of things and one who took on the legal work of distributions.  Based out of Richmond, Virginia, this company produces with no artificial ingredients, preservatives, or additives. The name Gunther comes from one of the brother’s pet, a brindle boxer named Gunther. As animal lovers, this organization donates a portion of sales to no-kill animal shelters. We currently carry their spicy black bean dip, salsa verde, and spicy chipotle corn salsa.

Gunther’s Gourmet

11. Capital Chips

Capital Chips makes a wonderful snack that goes great with our various dips and salsas. Locally crafted by a former educator, we share many of the same values in youth advancement as this organization. They are incredibly family-oriented and produce delicious corn tortilla chips. We carry full-size bags and smaller snack “bites” for travelers on the road.

Capital Chips

12. Out Of This World Salsa

Out Of This World Salsas are much closer than the name leads on. This producer is located in Ripley, WV, and is all volunteer-based. Through donations to several organizations, they offer support to women and children in poverty. All produce used is locally sourced from West Virginia and Ohio. We currently carry one product by them, a medium salsa.

Out Of This World Salsa

13. Simple Products

Simple Products is a jam and preserves company based out of Millersburg, Ohio. The small scale and family-oriented business take pride in the quality of their products. Ingredients are grown fresh and organic on-site. Our current stock of Simple Products includes peach butter and pear butter.

Simple Products

14. Stonehouse Lavender Farm

Located in Fairmont, West Virginia, Stonehouse Lavender Farm has been a great attraction for visitors. The large (and well-named) stone house sits on a large farm that has been in the family for eight generations. This West Virginia local producer maintains the farmland with several cattle that graze the large fields. We carry their lip balm made with freshly grown lavender.

Stonehouse Lavender

15. Reginald’s Peanut Butter

Reginald’s Peanut Butter is as regal as it sounds, offering some of the richest flavors of natural peanut butter. Located in Richmond, Virginia, they use no artificial sugars or preserves and source locally grown peanuts. You’ll find in our market Reginald’s original flavors in both crunchy and creamy, and some more exotic tastes like bourbon pecan.

Reginald's Peanut Butter

16. Shagbark Mill

Shagbark Mill is an organic seed and bean farm located in Athens, Ohio.  With a community mindset, they have partnered with local producers and markets to make a wide variety of products. They offer low prices to schools and community food access programs to provide quality foods to those who need them. We carry a few products of theirs, including cornbread crackers, corn tortilla chips, black bean chips, and popcorn kernels.

Shagbark Mill

17. Keep Well Vinegars

Keep Well Vinegars come from the minds of two pastry chefs who took their love of foods and knowledge of chemistry behind creating to a whole new level. Based out of York, Pennsylvania, these two are small business-minded producers of quality vinegars. Ingredients are sourced locally to help support their community.  We offer a few vinegar flavors from this company, such as Merlot red wine, apple cider, sorghum and molasses, and ginger.

Keep Well Vinegars

18. Three Sisters Cheese Straws

Producing in Richmond, Virginia, Three Sisters Cheese Straws uses a long-standing family recipe to make absolutely addictively snack crackers.  The sisters are family-oriented and are proud to support their local community. We carry two flavors of their cheese straws, traditional cheddar and jalapeno cheddar. 

Three Sisters Cheese Straws

19. Long Stone Farm

You’ll find Long Stone Farm in Lovettsville, Virginia, right over the state line from our market. The family-oriented farm is ran using conservation-conscious practices to ensure a quality product. Get those charcuterie boards ready and pair this salami with the cheeses we already offer. 

Long Stone Farm

20. Triple E

A trusted and long time vendor of ours, Triple E consistently produces the highest quality meats around. All of their animals are raised using ethical or organic practices. The family-operated farm is located in Romney, West Virginia.  Some of our new products include ground pork, garlic parmesan sausage, and the popular sweet breakfast sausage now in links. 

Triple E Farms

21. Route 11

An oldie but a goodie, Route 11 is located nearby in Middletown, Virginia.  By using natural ingredients sourced close to their production site, they promote sustainability and community. We carry many flavors of their chips, and most recently, we have picked up a seasonal favorite, sweet potato chips.

That rounds out our list for the newest products and vendors we’ve welcomed to kick off a flavorful 2021 in the market. We hope you’ll something new this year and let us know what you think. Shop in-store Friday-Sunday from 10am-6pm, or online at farmtakeout.com

Ben Ellis

Ben Ellis

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