Holiday meal planning can be stressful during any year, but 2020 presents its own set of challenges. We’re here to help. Our holiday menu guide will give you some great holiday dinner ideas with most ingredients found in our market. Don’t forget, we are open for extended holiday hours during the week of Thanksgiving to make shopping even easier, and most items are available for online shopping at

What to Make For…

The Picky Eater 

Not everyone wants to try something new, but hey, there’s room at the table for everyone, right? Many items made in-house by our experienced bakery crew can be used to add that extra oomph to your holiday meal while sticking to a classic menu. We have some value-added products that would make great ingredients for some holiday favorites, like our herbed croutons for the house salad you can make with our delicious organic Spring Greens Mix and a line of unique salad dressings from Dress It Up Dressings in Bethesda, Maryland, including blackberry vinaigrette and vegetarian caesar. We use our day-old vegan boule loaves of bread and regular white sandwich loaves to make our herbed croutons, which also make a great base for stuffing. Grandpa won’t even know he’s trying something new! 

The Vegetarian + Gluten-Free Folks

We have a selection of gluten-free products that you can’t find anywhere else. One of our top sellers is our gluten-free breakfast granola. A perfect snack any time of the day and, depending on how you feel about honey, is vegan. Our bakery doesn’t stop there. We also offer a gluten-free, made-from-scratch coconut macaroon that is wonderful. Also available in our market, you will find a gluten-free pasta made by Scratch Pasta in Lynchburg, Virginia.  

The Adventurous Eater

We offer a large selection of jams and jellies from In A Jam, located across the state in Parkersburg, West Virginia. We have traditional staples such as concord grape jelly and blackberry jam, but we also have exciting flavors like our sweet, savory ramp jelly which is a real West Virginia favorite, mixing the stronger onion profile with a sweet jelly finish. This jelly is a perfect addition to a turkey sandwich or a burger! Another great addition is our house-made sweet heat relish, which adds that extra kick to your leftovers. (We’ll even have a green tomato chutney soon.) A unique salad dressing we offer is a champagne vinaigrette, which has a wonderfully intricate flavor. This dressing is great for just about any salad and makes an excellent sauce by itself. Add it to a pasta salad to enhance your holiday side dish. Our bakery also makes some classics with a twist, like our made-from-scratch cantaloupe spice cake, made with our excess organic cantaloupes. Try out these less-than-average products that also serve to help us reduce our produce waste!

The Sweet Tooth-er

Thanksgiving is known as a food-lovers holiday, but some are at the table just waiting for DESSERT. We are happy to say we offer a wonderful menu of made-from-scratch baked goods to satisfy many a sweet tooth. We have a classic range of seasonal pies, including Pumpkin, Pecan, and Apple, plus our famous Cinnamon Rolls that are an absolute crowd-pleaser. In fact, our Cinnamon Rolls can even be eaten for breakfast. Sweets in the morning are usually reserved for special occasions, and we’re here to help you indulge with our Cinnamon Roll Cereal. We take our day-old cinnamon rolls and process them into a crunchy and delicious bowl of happiness. Our head baker, Jackie, also recommends adding this cereal to bread pudding to create an extra layer of goodness.

Another popular favorite is our sugar cookies. Junior Crew, our youth employees, has a hand in the decoration and design of our sugar cookies as a learning tool for those who may develop an interest in baking. These cookies come in seasonal shapes like a maple leaf for fall, Thanksgiving turkeys, and trees for Christmas, and are sold as singles or by the half dozen/dozen. Our cookies lifecycle doesn’t stop at the end of the day. We take our day-old cookies like Chocolate Chip and Molasses and stuff them full of local ice cream from South Mountain Creamery in Middletown, Virginia, to create a delicious ice cream sandwich. These are popular with customers of all ages!

The ‘Started The Whole 30 Before Thanksgiving’-er

Sometimes people want to make a big change in their diet before that typical “new year, new me” January date hits, and we all want to support them. If your dad decided to try Whole 30 this fall but didn’t realize it wouldn’t end *before* Thanksgiving, we have a few side dish recommendations to help him stay compliant. We have several winter squashes available that come right from our farm, which is certified organic. Some of our favorite side dishes use various squashes as their base. Use butternut squash as a substitute in your mashed potatoes to add sweetness to an otherwise savory dish. A roasted root vegetable medley is an easy way to create a wonderful profile of complementary flavors. Mix our organic carrots, acorn squash, and turnips tossed in oil, salt, and pepper and bake at 350° for about 20 minutes, turning halfway through. This will give you a delicious veggie hash that pairs well with all holiday favorites.

From our crew to yours, we hope you have an amazing Thanksgiving holiday this year!

Ben Ellis

Ben Ellis

Market Manager

My name is Ben Ellis and I am the Market Manager. I love hanging out with my pets and reading. I have most recently started into the expansive literary universe of Star Wars and am currently reading Thrawn Ascendancy: Chaos Rising.


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