We’ve turned the corner into fall, and we can smell the chill of winter riding on the wind. Our cover crops, which are grown primarily to help benefit the soil, are sown, and much of the gardens are getting a well-deserved break after a good, long season of production.

Some of our fall plantings were delayed significantly due to pests and hot, dry weather in the late summer; we added a few plantings of greens (arugula, gourmet greens salad mix, and spinach) to hopefully help fill in the gap. 

– Lettuce is back in a big way! Eat a million salads before hibernating for the winter!

Harvests of storage carrots and several fall radishes have just about begun.

Our fall cabbage and broccoli are running a little late but should be in the market soon.  

Currently, both high tunnels are basically empty. 

 High Tunnel 2 has one bed of ginger, and the rest is in a cover crop to help feed the soil. The ginger will be harvested in late November, and the tunnel will be planted in December for late winter/early spring crops.

– High Tunnel 1 was 2020 Tomato Town and is now cleared. We are currently doing our annual dig of the creeping thistle that is a perennial issue in that tunnel. The heaters are off, and the sidewalls will remain open while it’s empty. We are hoping to start allowing a few hard freezes in each tunnel every year or so as a way to, perhaps, help with pest pressure. We’ll plant this tunnel over the next couple of weeks (October/November).

We are going to set up new caterpillar tunnels in the fields this winter. The new tunnels fit over 4 of our beds and paths perfectly, so you’ll see smaller tunnels incorporated into our market garden space. We are using them for overwintered carrots and to try overwintered onions to fill the early-season onion gap.

Josh Stainthorp

Josh Stainthorp

Agriculture Director

Fixer of broken toys and ripped pages. Tree-gazer + land lover.

Shut up the wind is talking.



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